Monitor all your plants from a single place, managing the transformation of Big Data into Smart Data, providing Business Intelligence functionalities

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Greater reliability
and process

Thanks to the alerts, alarms and 24/7 monitoring in real time, a malfunction can be prevented, anticipating possible breakdowns in the treatment process. By improving the performance of the system, malfunctions in the process can be identified by pointing out savings opportunities in OPEX

Instantly calcultated

By having an organic knowledge of the water treatment process, it offers the possibility of generating new data from the data generated from the IoT's, such as flux or transmembrane pressure, calculated automatically from the platform itself and at the same time the possibility of entering conditions in the visualizations to discard irrelevant values

Fast report

Standardized report fed with data from the period to be selected, avoiding manual data collection and analysis. Save yourself time and effort reporting quickly and easily.

Secure access
to all your data

All data will be safely stored in the cloud. You will have access to all the information of your plants, from any location and from any Tablet or PC, through the internet connection.


Smart Data allows the application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to develop predictive capabilities, for which a certain number of data is required over time, allowing AI training.