Complaint channel

The Compliance System defines the channels through which all managers, employees, stakeholders and collaborators can report any breach of the Company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as any breach of applicable legislation.

The complaints channel of FTR WASTEWATER RECYCLING AND REUSE SPECIALISTS, S.L, allows confidential communication of those potentially irregular or illegal activities and conduct that occur within the internal scope of the Company, as well as its activity, of which Any person may have knowledge by virtue of their professional relationship with the Company.

To this end, FTR WASTEWATER RECYCLING AND REUSE SPECIALISTS, S.L. has enabled the email address, where all queries regarding ethics or communications of non-compliance can be directed. This communication must contain the following:

• Identification data of the complainant, in the event that they have decided to identify themselves voluntarily (anonymous complaints can be submitted).
• Identification data of the accused/s.
• Clear and detailed description of the facts.
• Attach all available evidence.

Upon presentation of any complaint through the complaints channel, the complainant is guaranteed non-retaliation in the face of any query or communication of non-compliance made in good faith, as well as the confidential nature of all communication, information and documentation made or provided to through the channel.

Here you can consult the Regulations of the Whistleblowing Channel which specify the management and procedure of the queries or communications made, together with the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct of FTR WASTEWATER RECYCLING AND REUSE SPECIALISTS, S.L.