What is Elvis Indy Water?

ELVIS INDY WATER is a technological platform that aims to allow industrial processes to make the transition to industry 4.0, through capture through IoT, Big Data management and its transformation into Smart Data.

How does Elvis Indy Water work?

Data acquisition

A first layer for capturing and acquiring data generated by the different customer processes and captured by means of IoT, sensors, meters ... The software can interact with other databases; meteorology, maintenance hours chart, compare different plants ...

Big Data Base

Big Data is injected into a stack, which extracts, transforms and indexes the data so that the platform can work with it. All data remains in the data warehouse.
The Data Analytics layer gives them value. This conversion to Smart data gives the possibility of generating new data from the captured data.

Business Inteligence

The visualization layer. The user sees the data duly transformed and ordered, with a high level of personalization. The data and KPIs that interest the end user are displayed. Through a safe, accessible and intuitive environment. It gives the possibility of monitoring the client's processes from anywhere.

Main features

Being a platform promoted and developed by people who have extensive experience in water treatment processes, it has become a very useful tool to follow the treatment process and significantly facilitate the monitoring and proper use of its components.

ELVIS Indy Water functionalities

• Download of records in csv / txt formats.
• Selection of the evaluated time period.
• Records filter to detect anomalies and incidents.
• Warnings based on the parameter values established by the customer.
• Adjustable refresh time.
• Continuous improvement (New versions).


• Alerts, alarms and warnings configurable by the user.
• Possibility of introducing conditions in the visualizations to discard irrelevant values.
• Two types of user (Administrator and user) thus being able to manage different end users.
• The credentials to access the web platform can be associated with a user with specific roles and privileges.

Information Security and Confidentiality

• Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most widely adopted and complete cloud platform in the world, offering more than 200 comprehensive data center services globally.
• Designed to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment today.
• Its core infrastructure meets the security requirements of the military, international banks, and other organizations that must meet strict confidentiality requirements.

Reports generation

• Standardized report fed with data from the period to be selected, avoiding manual data collection and analysis.
• Save time and effort by making a report quickly and easily.


• Compatible with a wide range of brands and data acquisition technologies.
• Accept another data source; tables, equipment information, external database….
• Compatible with minimum invest instalations (data logger/Gateway)
• API's developed for some dataloggers and if not, it is possible to develop it so that it is available to the client.

Advanced developments tailored to the client

• Landing pages adapted to the Client.
• Introduction of information from engineering equipments.
• Facilities location map.
• Custom images and logos.
• Integration of other databases (meteorology, production, personnel, costs, etc ...)